I am a Senior Security PM Manager at Microsoft. I currently lead the Offensive Security PM team that secures Microsoft’s largest and most important products and services across Edge devices, Windows OS and Devices, Xbox, Microsoft Game Studios, and more.

My background is in cybersecurity and consulting. Aside from my obsession with cybersecurity, I have a tremendous passion for storytelling and distilling complex, ambiguous tech problems into easy-to-understand concepts. I love bridging the gap between engineering and business. I am obsessed with good UX design and secure system architecture. I serve on the ISACA Pudget Sound Chapter Board of Directors.

I am originally from Bulgaria. I haven't always been into technology. In fact, I'd probably laugh if 10 years ago someone told me that I'd end up with a career in tech (that I love!). Growing up in Bulgaria, tech subjects weren't part of the school curriculum, nor did I have any mentors or female examples in technology I could emulate. I had to stumble upon my love for tech merely on accident, while pursuing a Marketing degree. I believe that we can do a better job as a society to address the elephant in the room by driving closure of the gender gap in the technology fields. This is why I recently co-founded Women in Tech Global, an organization that aims to support and grow women seeking to pursue a career in tech.

I am addicted to high elevation, and I am an extremely goal-oriented person. When I am not at work, you'll find me summitting the next mountain peak.

My journey is far from perfect, and I hope to inspire other women that you don't necessarily follow a cookie-cutter life path to achieve your goals. Being different is not only ok, but also the way to go.

We need more technology women leaders and the best way to inspire and get inspired is to connect with other like-minded women, learn, share and celebrate our achievements.
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